Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rachel Maddow ... MSNBC please hire her.. please please

Based on some recent posts on DU, I've heard that MSNBC is looking to hire a new host for the 9pm slot. There was also a rumor in another DU post about Tucker being cancelled.

If you would like to see Rachel Maddow get her own program on MSNBC, this is a good time to contact them! I've been watching Rachel on MSNBC these past few months, and she's been amazing! She's poised, articulate, thoughtful, funny, quick on her feet, very smart, and has a good tv presence. She's a class act! Best of all, she makes us progressives look really good!

I heartily agree with this. I know that Rosie is a known quantity and god forbid that a TV network do something original but Rachel is a far more articulate and (sorry Rosie) sane person to be out in front of the camera with the sign "progressive" under her on the chyron. Rosie has a habit of shooting from the lip and while that might be entertaining it risks turning the time slot into a "oh she is just like limbaugh or hannity" and that would be such a huge loss.

MSNBC doesn't need a liberal bomb-thrower, which is unfortunately what Rosie can be. Now, if MSNBC decides to fire Tucker Carlson's lame ass ..... that opens up 2 slots so we could get Rosie for entertainment value and Rachel for content.

Inspired by a post atDemocratic Underground


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes....How do we let MSNBC know she needs her own show.

  2. A good start would be to send an email to and politely tell them how you think she is wonderful.


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